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Marina Estrela

Magnetic Charm

I live for fleeting moments, the hidden, the imperceivable. I am comfortable with sultry moments as well as intellectual challenges. I am mature and balanced with an intense passion for authenticity, real intimacy, and the truth. I am described as loyal, resourceful, observant, and dynamic.

Get To Know Me

I would love to keep your secrets, to be your friend. I am often told that I am mysterious. As we get closer, you will remember that the most exciting, honest, and comforting corners of life are shrouded in mystery. It is a testament to my alluring strength—I long to have a life truly worth living.

I will talk for hours about our wonders of the world, my thoughts on love and life. Though I also yearn for something deeper than words. I believe there is something more to life than our schedules seem to allow for. There is something between us—we just need to get together to feel it.

I am well traveled and educated, have lived around the world, and speak four languages. This drives my expansive intellect, my boundary pushing, and independence. I am tenacious yet practical—a combination that may explain my magnetic charm that cannot be ignored. Each topic of conversation is like a gift, unwrapping my deep knowledge of a subject, or my genuine curiosity, making it a pleasure to explain your obsessions.

My interests include art history, carpentry, dancing, martial arts, poetry, new pursuits, silk, leather, gold jewelry, new flavors, experimental music, and learning the essence of all things described as classic.

I am your perfect French woman, soft and modern. The rest we will discover together, something new will arise from our particular vibrations.


I request a donation for my time. I prefer a longer, lingering date where we can see each other under various lighting, though I also understand and welcome the thrill of a quick get together. I am available for Incall as well as for outcall. My envelope should be in plain sight within five minutes of our date.

Please note, compensation is for my time and companionship only. Physical intimacy is neither contracted nor compensated for.

  • One hour – $700
  • 90 minutes – $900
  • Two hours – $1200
  • Three hours – $1500
  • Up to six hours – $2000
  • Overnight – $3000
  • 24 hours – $4000
  • Each additional day – $3000

Fly me to you

If you would like to request a visit from afar, or dream of having the perfect company on your vacation or business trip, I am happy to catch a flight and am passport ready. Write to me and we will begin scheming!

My usual rates, plus all travel expenses. I will book my own airfare. Expenses and a 25% deposit are required in advance.


Gifts are never expected and certainly not required. Though I welcome you to join me in the world of indulgence! Hand select a gift or send a gift-card and anxiously wait for my thank you photographs. Or better yet, add a shopping trip to our date where we can enjoy champagne and dressing room flirtation.

  • Treats: Vegan Chocolate or, your favorite bottle of wine, champagne, or mezcal!
  • Bra: 34 D
  • Panty: M
  • Shoe: 8.5/40

Send me something special from my wishlist to wear on our date!



It is the industry standard to verify all clients before meeting in person, this helps keep us safe. When you are ready, reach out via this form. We both value our safety and privacy, let us begin with that trust.


If you do not have references from other providers, we can complete screening with my Professional Screening Method. Send an email to marinaestrela@protonmail.com – or complete the form and mention “Professional Screening Method” in place of references.